"The quality of Betallic balloons is awesome, starting with the packaging that you can reseal. Betallatex® balloons rarely pop, even on the hardest twists. The thickness of the product prevents that from happening; even with 160s the amount of popping is super low. Betallic’s customer service couldn't be better. I feel like I can count on Betallic. It’s almost like calling my local store. Easy to reach and prompt to help with anything you need. Betallatex® balloons are amazing with a huge variety of color, shapes and sizes that fit all my balloon ideas. The extra length allows me create that extra twist and not have to waste a balloon. Creations that I make with my 260s and 360s are also easily possible with 660s, plus the 660s are also LINK-O-LOON®, which gives the possibility of attaching them easily to one another. The length also allows my Lima Twists to be super long. The feel of the balloons gives you great confidence that they won't pop on you. It also feels super natural on my hands. I love Betallic, from the balloons to the great people working for them."

David Lima – Bambaballoon • Hillsdale, NJ, USA



"I was introduced to Betallic balloons several years ago at a balloon twister workshop. I was immediately impressed by the wide palette of color choices, the length and thickness of the 260s and 360s and the fact that I could purchase them in 50-count bags! Lately, there has been an increase in great, new products being introduced to the Betallic catalog thanks to the Betallic team reaching out and seeking vital input from balloon twisters and decorators via phone calls, surveys, social media and one-on-one conversations. They truly do want to sell items that will meet your clients' needs. I'm excited to see what the creative team at Betallic comes out with each year. If you haven't ever tried Betallic products, let me encourage you to stop by the Betallic tables at a balloon convention and place your order with your local distributor. You, too, will be thoroughly impressed!"

Dale Campbell – Dale the Balloon Twister • Hebron, KY, USA



"I have been using Betallic balloons for many years and there is not a better balloon made. The foils, LINK-O-LOON®, latex and twisting balloons are so reliable and the colors are so vibrant. Deluxe Fuchsia and Deluxe Key Lime are my favorite colors! I use the entire line of balloons for decorating and twisting and have yet to place a panic call due to a problem of any kind. I am also so confident with the quality of Betallic balloons, that I only order what I need. I love the extra length of the 360s and 660s for twisting and balloons sculptures, too. I visit the Betallic website often as it is a great resource for information, recipes and new products! I can't say enough about how great these balloons are!"

Laurie Straus – Confetti Party Decorating • Valley Cottage, NY USA



"I've been using Betallic balloons for over twelve years. As a professional balloon artist, I appreciate the quality of the product. The strength of the balloons stands up to the extensive twisting needed to create complicated sculptures. The vibrant palette of colors provides a vast variety of shades. That allows me many choices to make my customers an array of unique creations. The extra length of Betallic balloons helps to make better designs and saves time from adding more balloons. The re-sealable bags keep my inventory neat and organized. By packaging the 260s in bags of 50, I can try new colors without the concern of wasting a lot of balloons."

Thad James – SAMMY J Balloon Creations • St. Louis, MO, USA



"Having had the pleasure of working with Betallic products for more than ten years, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them. 

The quality of the latex and foils is exceptional. The color palette is extraordinary and comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all decor jobs and sculptures. The added length of the non-round balloons is a definite added bonus. In my opinion, it maximizes the efficiency of the product. The added thickness and durability of the balloons adds to the longevity of any sculpture and decor. 

The company has wonderful customer service as well. They hear every customer's issues and do their best to address each and every concern. It's a tough job to please everyone, but they give it their best shot!

Overall, my bottom line...Betallic is a company that always strives for excellence in each and every product they produce. I have nothing but mad love for this company. So thankful to have such a great product and company to work with. I can only strive to make my work do them justice, just as they do for me. So, on that note, I will continue to STRETCH my imagination, INFLATE my creativity and TWIST my future beyond my wildest dreams. With Betallic, even without helium, the sky's the limit!"

Vicky Kimble – Incrediballoons • West Chester, OH, USA



“I’m a twister that does a small share of balloon decor. Up until 3 months ago, I had no local or Canadian supplier for Betallatex® twisting balloons but when they were finally available I wanted to see how they would compare with the other major brand I was primarily using. I must say that I was very impressed and that Betallatex® balloons are professional quality. The thickness of the latex seems to be slightly thinner, but just as strong as the other leading brand. The color palette is amazing! I like the ability to interchange the main colors I use with Betallic brand and also the opportunity to explore and experiment with the many additional colors that Betallic has to offer. The extended length of the 260s, 360s, 660s and 6" Hearts can make a difference in calculating air management and cost efficiency. The extended neck of the 6" Heart adds that extra bit more to create other distorted shapes which is harder to accomplish with other brands. The cost of Betallic balloons from my Canadian supplier is less than the cost of the other leading brand even at wholesale pricing, not because of the difference of quantity packaging but by the unit price itself. The quality of product equally matches the quality of customer service...excellent! If there is a problem, question, or concern, you are immediately heard and a  response or solution is given. Julie Conner and Jan Iiams have been amazing! I can see an evolving growth with the Betallatex® product and with this more users will follow. I am happy that Betallatex® is now finally available to me, as I have added the entire palette to my working arsenal and will continue to explore this great product!” 

Dennis Bauyon – Twixter Balloons • Burnaby, BC, Canada



“Betallatex® IS my favorite brand of balloons. I can count on them to be consistent in their quality with every size, shape and color. I LOVE their vibrant color palette! With Betallatex®, I get better mileage from the length of the twister selection, as they are longer than any other brand I have tried. I encourage all balloon artists to use Betallatex® balloons in their business as it will set them apart from their competition.” 

Patricia Bunnell – My Friend and I Productions • Vancouver, WA, USA



“I started using Betallatex balloons in 2005 after meeting some of the company reps at Summer Balloon Camp in Las Vegas. Right off the bat, I was impressed with the durability and quality of the balloons. As I started looking into the products, I began to notice that many Betallatex colors are more vibrant and bright than their main competitor's corresponding colors. I also noticed that Betallatex 260s are four to six inches longer than the other brand when fully inflated, which makes twisting much easier because you have more balloon to work with. Of course, the extra length of 360s and 660s really makes a huge difference when working with the larger balloon sizes. I started mixing Betallatex into my palette in 2005 with just a few colors, and now I use them almost exclusively. If you're looking for balloons that are durable, have beautiful colors, and are longer, then you should definitely give Betallatex a try. You won't be disappointed!”

Stretch the Balloon Dude – Stretch & Company • Grapevine, TX, USA



“I have been using Betallic balloons for about six months now, and I really like them a lot! The quality is great, and the colors are spectacular! For twisting, they are able to hold up to all of the different techniques I like to use. I’ve had fun incorporating some of the different patterns and shapes of balloons into my twisted creations as well. I love the heart-shaped balloons for their elongated shape. They really add a “pop” to Conrad the Unicorn’s mane!” 

Carolynn Hayman – POP! Designs & Creations, LLC / Team Conrad • Ann Arbor, MI, USA



“Since I started to twist balloons, I have tried many different balloon manufacturers. From the beginning, I loved the consistency of Betallatex® colors. The length of the 260 and 160 balloons gives a bit extra than other brands and thanks to that you can do much more twisting. And if you like to twist big, the 360 is perfect for making many one-balloon figures that only can be made with that length. The colors and quality of the original LINK-O-LOON® are perfect. You feel you are working with very professional balloons and your clients see it right away. Betallic makes balloons that are a top-quality product to make every occasion a special one. The Betallic team is pushing the limits to make balloons appropriate for all uses. Betallic is a company that is in the top of the tops and never stops rising. Thanks for the nice balloons!”

Antonio Bécares Rodríguez – Globos Altea • Altea, Spain


“I've been a Betallic user for over 13 years. The vibrant color selection was the first thing that drew me in. Even my simple balloon sculptures became more visually appealing. I absolutely love Fuchsia, Key Lime, Caramel and Lilac ...and Bubble Gum Pink...and Turquoise Blue...  OK, I love them all! The extra-long length of the balloons means I don't have to use as many for multi-balloon sculptures. It REALLY comes in handy when making balloon dresses. I would have to use up to twice as many balloons with other brands. And, because there are rarely (if ever) any manufacturing defects or issues, I can count on being able to use all the balloons.”  

Just Marie – Balloon Dresses • Phoenix, AZ, USA



“As a new balloon twister, the longer length of your 260s has made me a convert! The extra length allows for some "forgiveness" as I learn the proper amount of air to blow into each balloon for different designs! I find the quality to be terrific!”

Christine Doolan – Crazy Christine Balloons • Windham, NY, USA


“To transform sap from a rubber tree into a workable, twistable balloon is no small feat. But Betallic doesn't settle with merely making a great balloon. Pushing beyond perfection into uncharted territories of balloon durability and color vibrancy, the skilled crew of Betallic achieves true balloon wizardry, all for the sake of pushing balloon art further and making you, the artist, look good along the way.”

Scott Tripp – Life of the Party • Old Hickory, TN, USA



“When I began performing almost fifteen years ago, I was introduced to Betallic. I fell in love with the assortment of colors and the quality of the product. At one of my first Twist and Shout conventions, I met Eddie Heyland and Jan Iiams of Betallic. They, like every other Betallic employee I have met, truly care about the artists of the industry. I appreciate that immensely. The thing that stands out to me the most, though, is that Betallic is committed to providing a quality product, to listening to artists and to always improving how they can serve the balloon industry.”

Tristen Burkholder – West Palm Beach, FL, USA


“Nothing says PARTY like balloons, and nobody does balloons like Betallatex®!  Betallatex® balloons are longer, stronger and more durable than any other balloon on the market, and their color selection is beyond compare. If you're serious about your business, and you're serious about your art, it only makes sense to choose your balloons from the most progressive and dynamic balloon company in the industry!”

Scott Tripp – Life of the Party • Old Hickory, TN, USA



“I love Betallatex® because of the vibrant colors, longer size and all of the specialty shape balloons. Betallic provides great customer service and listen to concerns. I have been using Betallatex® primarily since 2006 and feel Betallic has continually improved its product line and customer service.”

Shonna Flanigan – Adventure in Fun LLC • Gettysburg, PA, USA



“I recently used Betallatex® LINK-O-LOON® balloons to create a wedding dress for a beach wedding in Mexico. I was concerned that some of the balloons would pop, so to compensate for it, I filled EACH of the nearly 200 LINK-O-LOON® balloons with confetti, thinking at least it would look like a small special effect if a balloon popped. Imagine my surprise when NOT A SINGLE BALLOON POPPED! The next day, we put the bride back in the dress for a "Trash the Dress" ceremony. Twenty-four hours later, and the dress still looked brand new! We pushed the bride into the ocean, but the dress still held up. So we pushed her into the pool...twice, and the dress still held up. She floated around in the pool all day, let her friends use the dress as a floatation device, and even played water volleyball. The dress still stayed intact without a single pop! Thanks a lot Betallic...your high-quality balloons ruined my creative effort to disguise a typical problem! Seriously though, the balloons held up really well. I'm super impressed with Betallatex® LINK-O-LOON®!

Tawney Bubbles – Las Vegas, NV, USA



“Sempertex® balloons changed my life forever! The first day I took them in my hands, I fell in love with balloons! I am inspired by working with them. They are like velvet and easy to work with. I do not trust advertising; I trust only my feelings and I would not change anything. With love to Sempertex®.”

Irina Lobanova – Kurtamysh, Russia


“During my 36 years in the Balloon Decorating industry in Australia, I have used many different brands of balloons.During that time, I have been fortunate to have been asked to design and present over 50 instruction sheets on creating designs as well as many catalogue shots for the Australian distributor of Sempertex®.These original designs were put to the test when photographed by a professional photographer and needed to be “photo perfect” and still look good after hours under photographer’s lights in a hot studio.I found every time that the durability, strength, shape and consistent full colour of the Sempertex® balloons allowed me to provide finished sculptures and decor photos for the company that never required any form of photo enhancing. The same reliability has been displayed in regular use of the balloons for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Sean O’Kelly – Balloon Décor • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



“I have been using the Betallic brand of balloons for years and found them a top-quality product in all aspects.”

Gunter Blum – Balloons Galore • Brisbane, Australia



“My whole life runs around balloons and that led me to pay special attention to all kinds of balloons manufactured everywhere in the world. I am always looking for things that make my job easier. That’s why I can say that Sempertex® are the best balloons in the world. They offer a wide range of sizes and colors, excellent customer service and most important, they offer the best relation between high quality and a good price to make my business profitable.

Andrés Olarte – MercaFiesta Colombia • Colombia, S.A.



“I had a great experience with Megaloon® letters and numbers when I taught a class called The Architecture of Letters. You can do so much more with these foils besides spell words – the three sizes allow for some very creative decor! Columns, sculptures, swags and chandeliers are just the beginning of what can be created with Megaloons® as the building blocks. Megaloons® spell creativity to your customers and profits for you!”

Glenna Kipp, CBA • Education Coordinator – Mayflower Distributing, Inc.



“Betallic balloons are always consistent, of the highest quality and the most vibrant colors! You can't go wrong when you go Betallic!”

Robin Veach – Balloons Chicago • Chicago, IL, USA



“When we are at work, we fight against climate, time of delivery, how to hang the decoration, and more. That´s why we need products that resist extreme weather conditions and offer us a wide range of colors and sizes. When I’m working on big projects, it is also very important to use balloons that don´t hurt our hands too much when we are tying. Sempertex® balloons have a soft neck that allows us to inflate many balloons without hurting our fingers.

Andrés Olarte – MercaFiesta Colombia• Colombia, S.A.