Since our company’s founding in 1983, Betallic has become an industry leading manufacturer of foil and latex balloons with international distribution and a history of introducing innovative and unique products. We offer a complete line of creative, trend-setting balloons for any occasion, holiday or theme.

From its initial focus on 18” foil balloons and coordinating gift accessories, Betallic has expanded to provide a full line of coordinating balloons of various shapes and sizes.  In addition, Betallic is proud to be the exclusive provider of Mighty Bright® balloons made of non-foil, specially formulated material for superior color and brilliant shine.  Mighty Bright® balloons are available in 21” rounds, hearts and a variety of unique shapes!  Known for fashionable and innovative designs, Betallic carries the world’s largest selection of holographic balloons as well as a vast range of intricate and imaginative shapes including Megaloons® in a variety of solid colors and prints, Google Eyes™, Zooloons™, Fresh Picks™, Special Delivery™, and more.

Betallic is proud to remain headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri -- where we continue to manufacture the majority of our foil balloons -- and to work in an industry filled with family-owned businesses like ours.