February 22-26, 2017

Park Inn by Radisson - Kissimmee, FL


Meet Betallic Instructors
Nate Culpepper
& Chad Johnson


Hailing from the City of Austin, Texas, Nate the Great has been twisting balloons for   the better part of 16 years. His greatest balloon achievement was placing third in Large Sculpture at Twist and Shout in St. Louis. Having refined his craft to an art form, he no longer makes cats or dogs. Nate is excited to share the excitement of using larger balloons and incorporating wearable, large sculptures into everyday line twisting. He wants to give attendees a better understanding of the different ways to use LINK-O-LOON® balloons and to nurture a love for all things LINK-O-LOON®.

Chad Johnson of ICBalloons.com in Iowa City, Iowa, has only been playing with balloons for seven years, but he’s been an avid gamer all his life. Shortly after Nate the Great introduced him to balloon twisting, he began turning Nate’s balloon creations into games. During this time, Chad owned and operated a martial arts school which was mostly attended by children. He would host “Parent’s Night Out” events and subject his students to a plethora of balloon games. By combining his 12 years of keeping children focused in class by offering them “Game Points,” which they could “spend’ at the end of each class to choose games, he has refined methods for inspiring children to learn and have fun all the while creating new gaming concepts and strategies.  

Teaming up with Betallic and Nate the Great, Chad is excited to have the opportunity to share with fellow balloon professionals, what he has discovered in using interactive balloon games* to elevate our client’s perception of our profession, reduce workload, expand into new markets and increase profit.  

*Most of these games are usable for children, adults or even a mixture of the two!


You won’t want to miss their classes:

Nate & Chad's Bold Betallatex® Backpacks

Balloon backpacks are fun to create AND wear! Nate the Great’s unique, new backpack designs shoot up over heads and stretch out past shoulders for a larger-than-life effect. You can even set them down and they still look awesome!  Featuring a variety of the newest Betallatex colors and prints, these highly durable and easy-to-modify designs will be an awesome addition to your bag of tricks!


Live Action Betallatex® Balloon Games

Diversify your entertainment offering when you learn how to sell, install, operate and profit from interactive balloon games! You’ll have exciting, new options for any event, no matter how large or small. Clients will love these new, interactive options and will gladly pay to play. So get in the game, join this participation-friendly class and prepare to WIN with your clients.