David Lima
Bambaballoon - New Jersey

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, David Lima twisted his first balloon at age 22 during a class given by a recreation company. After graduating as a PE teacher, he later worked for that company coordinating activities for kids at a resort in Sao Paulo, using balloons for rainy day activities with hotel guests. After moving to the US, he held a variety of jobs in California. Although he always had balloons in his closet, he wasn't actively working with them. 

In 2011, after moving to New York with his wife, Alisyn, he saw a large balloon sculpture by Larry Moss online and decided to start twisting again. Not long after, he opened his balloon twisting company, Bambaballoon, and decided all he wanted to do was work with balloons.

In his quest to perfect the art, he began creating new styles and participating in large group builds, like Balloon Manor, as well as conventions and competitions, once winning third place in Small Artistic Sculpture. He also developed the "Lima Twist," which combines a tulip twist, hook twist and marriage twist. David has taught his unique techniques for a Your Party School webinar and now he'll be teaching them on behalf of Betallatex® at Bling Bling Jam. "I hope to share a lot of my ideas with the balloon community and I hope everyone loves it," David said.



Jan Iiams, CBA
Education Director
Betallic, LLC - Missouri

Jan Iiams, CBA, is an award-winning international instructor with more than 25 year of full-time industry experience. She manages Betallic's Design Team of artists and teachers for educational events and conventions. Her balloon designs and articles appear regularly online, in marketing materials and in numerous industry publications and videos.

Jan is excited to have the opportunity to bring a breath of "fresh air" to the Bling Bling Jam with her special no-helium balloon arrangements designed especially for Bling Bling Jam attendees! She respects and admires the art of the twist, but her year of experience as an instructor have primarily focused on décor designs and beautiful, air-filled techniques to increase profits.


Now, at Bling Bling Jam 2016, she will premiere air-filled décor components designed for twisters to showcase their sculptures at large events and hustle kids through long lines, plus arrangements to sell as interactive drop-offs and clever add-ons at twisting gigs. They're brilliant and unique and created by Jan specifically for busy twisters!